Editor’s Notebook: 9/28/10

Jeff Genung

From the unswept corners of my mind this windy Tuesday …

• Gloria Stuart, Academy Award-nominated actress of “Titanic” fame, is dead at age 100. Great. Now we’re gonna have to hear that damn Celine Dion song on every news show tonight.

• I don’t know what to say about the 15-year sentence handed down to Richard Babcock for killing Billy Lee that won’t already have been said in every grocery store and bar by the time you read this. I know the plea arrangement avoids a costly trial, but still … fifteen years hardly equals a life cut short by a bullet to the head.

• You say Tammaro, I say Tomorrow … let’s call the whole thing off.  BOCES reference, for those of you who are astute readers.

• On Tuesday afternoons, Tyler Murphy and I spend most of our time putting together the New Berlin Gazette, our weekly newspaper that serves the Unadilla and Butternut Valleys (although I’d be hard-pressed to find the Butternut Valley without a GPS). If you haven’t seen it, it’s a gem of a community newspaper with the old hometown feel. It’s jam-packed with pictures of kids, good news, a hefty dose of local history (shoutout to Facebook friend Peggy Finnegan!) and the “old lady” columns – who visited who for dinner, who had surgery, who’s getting married, all that gossipy stuff from the little towns. A weekly newspaper is a dying breed, but we’re happy to keep that tradition alive.

• Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we run a column by NEA feature writer Sara Noel called “Frugal Living.” I’ve had a lot of response to it over the couple years we’ve been running it, from homemakers and others who appreciate her tips on how to stretch a buck. But one little tidbit in Wednesday’s column had me rolling my eyes …

USE FOR MILK JUG: Cut off part of the top, leaving the handle intact, and set under the spout in the bathtub. Capture water that would be wasted while adjusting the temp, and that which drains from the shower stand-pipe. Use it to flush the toilet. — Barbara B., e-mail

Or, how about you just %^& in the shower and save yourself the extra steps?

• Did I mention this blog is PG-13? Just seeing if anyone’s paying attention. Let the calls to “30 Seconds” begin!