Editor’s Notebook: 9/27/10

Jeff Genung

Here’s what’s on my mind in The Evening Sun newsroom on this soggy Monday afternoon …

• From the online version of ‘30 Seconds:’

“Boy, there are almost no participants in the E.S. forums. Not shocked, but it makes me wonder why they don’t get better help at E.S. I guess everyone took the advice of the handful of fans that said, Don’t like it? Don’t look. hahaha”

Woman from Outside Chenango

Yeah, why don’t they get better help!?!

Obviously “Woman” has a bit of an axe to grind — but the online forum does, in fact, see a great deal of activity. Still, I would like to see more people participating. It can get frustrating to moderate, too, but it’s a better discourse than anything in ‘30 Seconds,’ in my humble opinion. Oh, and “Woman?” I’ve got your IP address. hahaha.

• Speaking of Facebook (not that I was, but I felt the need for a segue), you can see all of Frank Speziale’s photos from the Norwich Homecoming parade in a gallery there. If you haven’t checked it out, visit www.facebook.com/theeveningsun. There’s some cool stuff there you won’t see in print, or on our “regular” website. Not on Facebook at all, you say? Oh please, like anyone who’s reading this blog isn’t on Facebook, Jeff. Or, more specifically, isn’t already your “friend” on Facebook.

• By the way, if you’d like a high-res copy of Frank’s homecoming court photo, just e-mail me … jgenung@evesun.com. I’ll send you a digital copy, out of the goodness of my heart. You can take it to Rite-Aid yourself to get it printed out. Let’s not get carried away.

• So I have to admit I laughed at Tyler Murphy’s story last week touting the Norwich Police Department’s collection of expired or otherwise unwanted prescription drugs on Saturday. Who the heck is gonna do that, I asked incredulously. Apparently, a lot of people. Tyler reports in today’s edition that Norwich’s haul was double that of Utica (not sure what that says about our dependence on prescription meds in Norwich, but that’s another story). In conjunction with the DEA, I guess the Norwich police took in quite load of expired booty. Good for them, and for the good citizens who disposed of the drugs legally and responsibly.

• E-mail of the Day: Did you know that Wednesday, Oct. 6 is International Walk to School Day? According to the press release I got today, the purpose of the event is to “further promote, through education and fun, pedestrian safety and healthy and physically fit lifestyles. According to event organizers, despite on-going efforts to better protect child pedestrians, child pedestrian injury remains the second leading cause of unintentional injury related death among children ages 5-14 in the United States.” Soooo … we’re encouraging more kids to walk to school that day? I think I’d bury that statistic further down in the press release, folks.