Editor’s Notebook: 9/23/10

Jeff Genung

Here’s what’s happening in The Evening Sun newsroom today …

• I know that a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist speaking in Norwich and the sale of the long-vacant Elmer’s Glue plant in Bainbridge are important stories, but let’s face it, the REAL news today is that Norwich’s Pizza Hut is expanding! Tomorrow’s follow-up: Corresponding expansion in waistlines throughout Chenango County.

• Congratulations to Jon Rogers, who’s been named the new Dean of Students at Oxford Academy — although I find that a little hard to believe, because Jon was only a year or so behind me in school, and I’m only 25.

• Melissa Stagnaro wrote a touching column about her uncle and his fight against cancer in today’s edition. Normally I frown upon her newsroom sobbing, but in this case it was justified – and worth the effort.

• Did you know that it takes me approximately 25 minutes every other Thursday to download the next two weeks’ batch of comics from four different websites? See all the fascinating little tidbits you’ll learn from reading this blog every day?

• E-mail of the Day: From Mio Destino, of lingerie fame, apparently, subject line: “How to Look Great in a Corset.” Honey, I can’t even manage a bustier.

• I’m taking Friday off again, leaving Pat Newell as your cruise director for tomorrow’s edition. I’ve warned him, though, not to repeat last Friday’s “HOLY COW! NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST IMMINENT! RUN FOR THE HILLS!”-style headline on a story that, well, wasn’t all that exciting to begin with. You readers, I’ve learned over the years, are not easily fooled by such theatrics.

• And seeing as how I’m on vacation tomorrow, I won’t be filing an “Editor’s Notebook” — although Melissa Stagnaro has threatened to do it in my stead. Another pretender to the throne …