Editor’s Notebook: 9/22/10

Jeff Genung

In The Evening Sun newsroom today …

• Finished up our “Time of Your Life” special section, which will be inserted in Thursday’s edition. It’s a 12-pager full of good-to-knows for senior citizens, and those who love them.

• This one time, at band camp … I think I finally found the right reporter to cover the Norwich Purple Tornado Band. Brian Golden is a band geek from way back. Trained under the legendary Don Burke, I think he’s got just what it takes to give good coverage to the Norwich troupe, currently under the direction of Lansing Dimon. And since I merely pushed the amplifier for our electric bass player (in Oxford), and he was the guitar player, I suppose that makes him a skitch cooler than me. If, of course, one can measure coolness when it comes to marching bands.

• Interesting story from Melissa deCordova today on how our county leaders aren’t quite ready to give up on Cook Park in Greene. It’s been something of an albatross for the county for a few years, but recent efforts seem to have perked things up. (Insert shout-out to my Facebook friend, Julie Gates). I’m sad to say I’ve never been down there myself. Even sadder, I suppose, I’ve never been camping at all.

• The Norwich City PD wants us all to bring in our expired prescription medications on Saturday and exchange them for … oh wait, they’re not exchanging them at all. Bummer. Almost had me going there for a minute.

• E-mail of the Day: From a New York State Trooper, the subject line of which was “Test.” The body? “DO NOT RESPOND.” Yes Ma’am!

• Got an excellent Letter to the Editor today from David Older about the recent hijinks at the Norwich City Schools Board of Education. Older ran for the board last spring and lost – I can’t help thinking that we let a good one get away. Hopefully he’ll take another shot at it – his criticisms were spot-on. Look for his letter later this week.