Editor’s Notebook: 9/21/10

Jeff Genung

Here we go on my second day of my “Editor’s Notebook” entries … Here’s what’s been on my mind in The Evening Sun newsroom today:

• Any day I get to put Lady Gaga on the front page is gonna be a good one.

• “I’m not going to give you an exact number on that because you’ll quote me on it.” That’s an unused quote from a source who didn’t really say anything worth quoting in the first place, apparently.

• Every time I put in a picture of Kim Jong Il, like on today’s World page, I can’t help thinking of the lewd puppetry of “Team America: World Police,” the brilliant and underappreciated 2004 masterpiece of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. “I’m so ronery, so ronery and sadry arone …”

• We’re at that precarious point in the year at our Lackwanna Avenue digs where it’s like Sophie’s Choice between the air conditioner and the furnace.

• Had our first (and only) official meeting of the Christmas Parade Committee today at Denny’s. Linda Green’s got that thing running like a well-oiled machine after 16 years – she barely needs our help. Circle your calendars for Nov. 27 (that’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving). It’s bound to be another “Christmas to Remember,” even if the Dairy Princess float doesn’t burst into flames again this year.

• Special thanks to Pegi LoPresti and Pam Jones of the aforementioned committee for ordering the healthiest thing on the menu at Denny’s (not an easy find) and making me look like a fat ass for selecting “The Grand Slamwich.”