Editor’s Notebook: 9/20/10

Jeff Genung

A friend of mine pointed out a while back that I hadn’t blogged since, well pretty much since blogs were invented. And he was right. Seems I’ve fallen into the trap of saving “the good stuff” for my columns in the print edition on Fridays, leaving little else to talk about in this forum.

But the “little else,” I’ve come to realize, can be interesting tidbits of information that give readers a little more insight into the behind the scenes workings of Chenango County’s Hometown Daily. That’s why, starting today, I’ll be blogging daily about the “little things” that cross my desk (hopefully with a pithy observation or two).

• While I resisted the temptation to call these entries “Dear Diary” – that’s far too Bella Swan for my tastes – I think I’ll go with “Editor’s Notebook,” followed by the date. Let’s see how long I can keep it up!

• Today’s top story previewed the United Way’s campaign kick off with the Day of Caring. While we didn’t field a team this year, my Evening Sun brethren and I have participated in years past, and it’s a great event. Far more meaningful and productive than the traditional (and often lame) kickoff “party,” the Day of Caring immediately puts what United Way is all about – helping others – in the forefront of people’s minds. It’s ingenious marketing synergy, in my opinion, and a boon to the community, to boot.

• Kudos to Frank Speziale for that photo of the YMCA Scholarship ride taking off on Sunday. I don’t know what he was standing on to get that shot of the cyclists revving up … come to think of it, I’m probably better off not knowing.

• Started work today on a special supplement to The Evening Sun coming out this Thursday – “The Time of Your Life.” It’ll be a 12-page special section packed with features, information and advertising geared toward the senior crowd. Gray hair aside, I’ll state here for the record that I do not have an AARP card. Yet.

• Melissa Stagnaro’s off to an Oxford school board meeting tonight. Between there and Norwich, I’m pretty sure I should be offering her hazard pay. Or at least Witness Protection. Should be interesting.

• Puzzlement of the Day: A new business that didn’t want a reporter to interview them for a story because they wanted to keep things “low key.” There’s a brilliant strategy: Don’t let people know you’re in business! “For Rent” sign going up in six months.

• This one’s for you, Brian Burton. See you guys tomorrow.