Do you know where I can find some drugs?

Tyler Murphy

Impatient and worried that perhaps my down stairs door may be locked I decided to wait outside in the fresh and cooling 7 p.m. air along Fair Street yesterday.

My street is obnoxiously busy for my local country boy tastes but I’ve adjusted to the awkward glances and the constant presence of some pretty weird people who seem to wonder aimlessly around the City of Norwich daily.

I took about five steps from my front porch to glance down toward the east end of Fair St. hoping to see my pedestrian brother carrying our to-go ordered dinner. He wasn’t there but not too far away a group of three young people (mid-late twenties, about my age) came over to me. A woman and two men.

Coming closer they never projected any kind of oral greeting they just stared and approached nervously.

It was a little startling- three unsavory looking strangers locking eyes and moving to engage you suddenly.

I couldn’t help but tilt my hips and shoulders to face a potential threat, yet still I offered a “How you’doin,” in a half-hearted, neighborly tone.

Right away I could smell one of the men’s words before I even heard them. They must have been drinking and they slurred slightly. They said hi and introduced their first names. There was this pause and I was a little confused as to what they might want next. The guy who originally stepped toward me with the others just sort of following along kept pivoting on his heels as he spoke like we were on the high seas.

(Keep in mind I’ve never spoken to this man before.)

“Hey man, do you know were we can get some good weed, it’s hard to get good weed around here. You need drugs in a small town like this, it so boring,” he said with a nervous laugh.

I laughed too.

Lacking any good drug tips I replied with a stunned shoulder shrug and a silent cold look. The trio paused for a moment as if they suddenly realized asking random people for drugs may be a mistake.

I was now staring at the three with an amused look and half crooked smile. Then they departed my company nearly as fast as they joined it.
It was so random that I neglected to call the Norwich PD but next time I will.

As much comic relief as this encounter gave us later in the night I really do hate people like this being any where near my neighborhood.
I’d encourage others to contact the PD at 334-1212, in light of my mistake.

Just thought I’d share the experience.