Cromartie: Father of seven, dad to none

Patrick Newell

The New York Jets recently signed coveted cornerback Antonio Cromartie, who should provide a nice complement next season to shut-down defensive back Darrelle Revis. Cromartie, due $1.7 million in the final year of a $12-million, 5-year deal, was reportedly fronted $500K by the Jets to pay up his delinquent child support payments. While his interception totals have declined the past few years, his child production has spiked rapidly. Apparently, Cromartie, who will not be 26 years old until April 15, has fathered seven children to six women in five different states. Because he is a world-class athlete, the Jets are willing to put aside the fact that Cromartie has made millions the past four seasons, but is just your run-of-the-mill deadbeat dad.