First time on the Moon (stage)

Brian Golden

I’ve been performing music in and around Norwich for almost twenty years now, a fact I find hard to believe. Yet as fulfilling as that experience has been, nothing is quite as exciting as playing a venue for the first time. There’s a feeling of expectation and anticipation, that this is a chance to meet some new people and get their input as to what they thought of my playing, and how I could improve. I’ve always believed that musicians (especially guitarists) who think they already know everything should probably pack it up and call it a game, or at least challenge themselves to try and learn something new. Tonight I have the opportunity to perform the Bohemian Moon for the first time, and I’m just itching to play.
Beginning in January, the Moon began offering live music for the enjoyment of its patrons. I was there for the first night, entertained by the acoustic musings of John Keller, and reveling in the quiet atmosphere which the artist, and the restaurant, portrayed. Although I was unable to attend last Thursday’s performance by the Horseshoe Lounge Playboys, I’ve heard that they’re an extremely talented band that puts on a wonderful show.
What excites me most is the chance to play some songs that I rarely get a chance to. The atmosphere at the Moon lends itself to softer, subtler sounds, and I’m just not used to that kind of opportunity. Anyone who’s heard me play usually remembers me as that Hendrix fanatic making the strange faces while playing at stadium-level volumes. But unbeknownst to most, I do have a mellow side, and it’s always a pleasure to share it musically.
New owner Miby Kim, who also runs the French pastry shop La Maison Blanche, has my thanks for bringing another music venue to our fair city. As they say, variety is the spice of life, and in my reality, Norwich can never have too many places to perform. The individual locales, owners and customers each bring something of their own to the table, and it’s always unique. So if you’re going to be out and about tonight, and have nothing better to do, swing by the Bohemian Moon between 6:30 and 8:30 for some good tunes, great food and the chance to see some old friends and maybe meet some new ones.