Drug events of 2009

Tyler Murphy

An extra piece of Progress that didn’t make it into the published edition. This is a list of most of the serious drug events in 2009 including major arrests, seizures, improvements in law enforcement and the reveal of a drug connection in high profile court cases.

March 13: Chenango County Court: Man charge with shooting two men outside apartment with a shotgun in Sept. of 2008, hitting both with buckshot from the blast and causing non-life threatening wounds, says dispute began over money owed for cocaine.

March 27: Norwich PD charged two residents with multiple felonies after raiding two different apartments in tactical gear, one they lived at and another used as an alleged drug front.

April 3: Norwich PD discover a Mercedes Benz coupe, guns and over $25,000 worth of cocaine in a storage unit owned by a suspected narcotic dealer arrested March 27.

April 18: State Police charge an Afton teen allegedly responsible for an alcohol-related car accident that killed one of four his teenage passengers, another had her foot amputated.

April 23: State Police arrested a 21-year-old Bainbridge man for providing alcohol to the five teenagers involved in a fatal accident April 18. He is charged with six misdemeanors.

May 1: Chenango County begins implementation of a Family Treatment Court.

May 1: Sheriff’s Office charged a 75-year-old Norwich man after discovering a growing operation in his garage with about $50,000 worth of marijuana.

May 10: State Police discover $3,500 of cocaine and $2,500 of heroin hidden in a cars frame destined for the Utica area.

June 30: Norwich PD and the New York State Division of Parole, searched the home of a parolee, discovering crack cocaine, psychedelic mushrooms, ecstasy pills, prescription drugs and marijuana. He and his roommate are charged with multiple felonies.

July 9: Sheriff’s Office and the DEA intercepted 10 pounds of marijuana in a postal package mailed from Donna, Texas to a Town of Norwich resident, estimated to be worth around $15,000.

Aug. 18: Sheriff’s Office discovers a $300,000 marijuana growing operation in a remote swamp in the Town of McDonough, seizing irrigation equipment and 400 hundreds plants.

Aug. 11: State Police raided a home in the Town of Edmeston after an investigation by the Department of Child Protective Services and uncover 196 marijuana plants growing on the property.

Sept.: 30: Norwich PD, Greene PD, Sheriff and State Police arrest two Norwich residents for selling heroin and charge them with multiple felonies after storming their home using tactical gear and grenades.

Sept. 1: Norwich PD is awarded a $288,188 federal grant that will allow the addition of a full-time detective who’ll take aim at combating drug-related crimes.

Sept.: 7 New Berlin PD announces the purchase of a K-9 pup to be trained in drug detection. The officer and K-9 are expected to complete their training around Sept. of 2010

Sept.: 8 New Berlin PD and State Police raid the property of New Berlin man and seized an estimated $25,000 to $35,000 worth of marijuana.

Sept.: 21 Sheriff’s Office arrests three men after a patrol stopped to help them fix a flat and found four garbage bags filled with more than $70,000 worth of recently-harvested marijuana inside.

Oct. 5: Chenango County Court: Accused murder Richard T. Babcock admits in court that he and the alleged victim in the case, William E. Lee, were involved in the local drug trade involving cocaine and prescription drugs. He has pleaded not guilty to the murder.

Oct. 14: Sheriff’s Office charges two people for stealing $9,000 of property in dozens of thefts from vehicles so the two could allegedly feed their drug additions.

Oct. 22: Norwich PD welcomes a new drug detection K-9 unit

Nov. 20: Norwich PD discovered more than $25,000 worth of cocaine hidden in the framework of a car and the operator is charged with an A felony