They got one heck of a band

Brian Golden

I’ve been lucky enough, through the years, to perform with some truly magnificent musicians, people whose dedication and perseverance to the art truly propel them to the highest ranks of musicianship. Yet musical ability is only a fraction of what has made these people some of my closest friends. Positive attitudes and unselfishness play just as big a part, as evidenced by my experience on the first day of this new year.
After a typical night of New Year’s Eve celebration (we were lucky enough to score tickets to the Empire Brewing Company’s New Year’s bash), musical friends Davis, Tozer, Vischi and I, along with Renee and Brooke (some of the guys actually have girlfriends) made sure to sleep in, and proceeded afterwards to reward ourselves with a greasy breakfast (except for Davis, he’s a vegetarian) of home fries, omelets, steak, eggs and burnt toast.
Following a short power nap (the food was that good) we progressed upstairs to the “rehearsal space” at Tozer’s, powering up the amps and tuning up the guitars. With Brooke as our sole witness, we went on to jam our way through some old material, some newer stuff and some spontaneously improvisational future masterpieces (at least I think so).
Brooke’s incredulity at our lack of practice and/or hang-out time was honest and forthwith. “How do you guys do that?” she asked several times. The truth is that over the years (approaching two decades, which is just hard to believe) we have developed a bond, a connection, that is difficult to describe. We know instinctively where the music will take us, it’s usually just a matter of letting go and riding the adrenaline rush that accompanies such jams.
What’s even better is the fact that Davis (who lives in Vermont), Vischi (NYC), Tozer (Syracuse) and I are, in the words of Elwood Blues, “putting the band back together.” I should find it hard to believe that we’re all willing to travel vast distances just for the opportunity to play music together, it’s a testament to how much we truly love the tunes and each other.
So now, with Davis on board, Rippleton will be appearing at various locations throughout the northeast, preparing to record our debut album and in general, creating as much musical mayhem as possible. As Jake and Elwood, the Blues Brothers, would say, “We’re on a mission from God.”