Old dreams with new lives

Brian Golden

Even though the last two years have been a constant challenge for me, I find myself in a better place with a better mind-set than I ever really expected. For one thing, if you had told me a year ago I would be writing for the Evening Sun, I probably would’ve laughed and said “I wish” (guess the jokes on me).
After my father’s passing in January of 2008, it seemed like I had one bad experience after another. I can admit now that I was quite bitter and really quite selfish. Of course I didn’t see things that way and it cost me big. In my mind no one could understand what I was going through, and even if they could I probably would not have believed them. It’s been a healing process, and a long one at that.
Now I live in the house my father and I built, yet if he were still alive he wouldn’t recognize it. Unfortunately the tenants who rented it from him decided to literally destroy my home. I had to gut the entire structure, including the bathrooms (toilets/showers/sinks), kitchen, carpets (all), walls (covered with black mold), windows (broken) and even the yard was wrecked. All in all I pulled 5.4 tons of garbage out of the house (and I won’t even mention the rats).
In addition to all of this were my failed relationships, of which there were several. Luckily I’m still friends with most of the people involved, and I’ve come to realize that in many ways I hold myself responsible for said failures. My only excuse is that I had not dealt with the many issues facing me, and to those who deserve it, I’m sorry.
I had just about reached the end of my rope, and was preparing to leave Norwich in an attempt to start over, when I saw that tantalizing ad once again, reporter wanted. I’ve always loved the thought of writing for the paper, and for years said it was the only job I would want outside of performing music.
Now I find myself employed, with the opportunity to start over right here where it all began. For years I spoke of leaving this city, now I can’t imagine going anywhere else. When I look around my home I see potential instead of disaster, old dreams given new life. I guess I’d just like to say thank you to all the friends and family who have stuck by me, helped me out when they could and never stopped believing that I could accomplish anything I put my mind to.