Huge missile-looking things

Michael McGuire

They are not huge missiles. Or rockets or pieces of a nuclear reactor – or at least that’s what I’m told.

Those huge cylinders that rolled through town last week were sections of a windmill. A state department of transportation official confirmed it earlier this week.

The specific destination of the windmill pieces, over three hundred feet tall when assembled, is not known, said David Hamburg, a DOT spokesman in Binghamton. He believes most are coming from a manufacturer in Wisconsin.

“As far as we know there are no missile silos in New York,” said Hamburg jokingly.

The DOT spokesman said some windmills have recently been delivered to the Albany area.

The truckers have permits to haul the sections on state roads. They are not required to give a final destination.

A truck carrying one of the sections damaged a bridge Saturday on Interstate 81 in Binghamton due to its size. Traffic over the bridge, near where it converges with state route 17, has been reduced to a single lane, said Hamburg.