Jesus is following me on Twitter!

Jeff Genung

I’m still fairly new to the whole Twitter thing (and not entirely sure why I do it), but nonetheless I get excited when I receive an e-mail notifying me that someone new is following me.

Imagine my surprise this morning when the subject line in my inbox read “Jesus is following you on Twitter!”

Lord love a duck, as my mother would say. Now the Son of God is watching my every digital move.

But the real kicker … it seems Jesus is even newer to Twitter than I am! The e-mail below:

Hi, Evesunjeff.
Jesus is now following your tweets on Twitter.
A little information about Jesus:
71 tweets
following 177 people
You may follow Jesus as well by clicking on the “follow” button on their profile. You may also block Jesus if you don’t want them to follow you.

Jesus Christ! I wouldn’t dare block you! It’s bad enough I already fear lightning strikes when I’m within a block of St. Bart’s, I’m certainly not going to egg on the Lamb of God.

As a postscript, I can’t help but note that while Jesus has 22 followers, I have over 50. Hallelujah!