You have got to be kidding me

Melissa Stagnaro

Sometimes when I read the morning headlines I have to double check what website I’m actually on. All too often it seems, the stories on my 24-hour media outlet of choice are so outrageous that I have to be sure I’m not reading one of The Onion’s satirical entries.

I did one of these double takes this morning while reading about a 27-year old woman from the Bronx who was suing Monroe College, the institution she recently graduated from. Why? Because she hasn’t been able to find a job since she received her degree this Spring.

I had a good giggle about it, until I realized this woman was serious. She is actually seeking more than $70,000 from her alma mater, an amount she says is the equivalent of the tuition she paid during her time as a student plus compensation for the hardship she has endured during her unsuccessful three month job search.

She’s entitled to receive this amount, in her opinion, because the college’s career center didn’t do enough to help her find a job after graduation. They showed favoritism, she further claimed, toward students who had grade point averages higher than her own 2.7. They should have stressed her attendance record more, according to her. Because that’s a selling point, right? She went to a lot of classes, she just failed to learn enough to earn her a decent GPA.

If she had been paying more attention as she worked toward her business degree, she might just have heard something about the current state of the economy. Which might have made her realize that the job market, particularly in New York, is a bit difficult right now.

But she’s ballsy, I’ll give her that. It’s just too bad she didn’t apply that same kind of energy to her studies, or her job search for that matter.

My next question is, now that she’s filed a lawsuit against Monroe College (who right now is probably really regretting making that admissions call) will she stop there? Or will she dig even deeper to find those responsible for her mediocrity? Her parents, perhaps. Her grade school teachers. The obvious one is her high school guidance counselor, who certainly could have helped her get into a better academic institution. Or perhaps should have steered her in another career direction, like medical malpractice.

It crossed my mind that maybe this is just another one of those outrageous stunts you hear about with people stopping at nothing to get the attention of potential employers. Like wearing a sandwich board at a busy intersection or posting your resume on a billboard. I cringe to think that there would be a company out there that would be attracted to that kind of behavior.

The sad thing is, there probably is.