We don’t got no computer

Jeff Genung

I made a gross error in judgment earlier this week. In my zeal to get as many photos of the Sherburne Pageant of Bands in on Monday as I could, I didn’t leave enough room for the list of scoring results. Instead, I put a refer to our website on the front page, and posted the complete results there, for free.


Oops. Not everyone has a computer, Jeff. I’d say I’m pretty plugged in, gadget-wise, so sometimes I forget that there are still homes in Chenango County with nary a computer, cell phone, PDA or iPod to be found. 


And I think as of today, I’ve heard from all seven of them.


See, the way I figured it, if you’ve got a kid (or grandkid) in band, you already knew who won. I assumed that only the most ardent of marching band fans would want to see the extensive (I’m pretty sure every band got at least five awards, thanks for coming!) list of scores and awards, and that Evening Sun readers would be more entertained by the pictures. Trust me, I won’t make that mistake again. Next year, all the results, in print (and online, so there). 


The last lady who called, and I can kvetch about her here because she obviously won’t be reading my blog, wouldn’t take my sincerest apology for an answer. She challenged my assumption that our readers needed to see pictures at all. “If they wanted to see the bands, they could have gone to the goddamn parade!” she wailed. When I countered with, “If you were so interested in the results, you could have stayed for the awards ceremony!” that really ticked her off. Even when I offered to read her the results over the phone, or print them out and mail them to her, free of charge, she wouldn’t have any of it. No, she wouldn’t be happy until I apologized on behalf of all 21st century humanity for relying on any sort of “modern” technology whatsoever. 


Frankly, I’m surprised she had a phone. It bet it was rotary.