My glimpse of Oxford

Jessica Lewis

After three years as a reporter at The Evening Sun, I’ve never seen a School Board meeting as exciting as the one in Oxford on Monday night.

Don’t get me wrong. The topic was a serious one. On the line, the job of at least one, if not two, school administrators. While it was interesting, it was far from idea. However, what made the meeting so incredible to me, was the outpouring of input from the community at large.

I can’t say how many people attended the meeting, but I know there were at least 20 teachers and twice that many community members. Despite an hour long wait in a room that was badly in need of air conditioning, all of those individuals patiently waited for the board to come out of executive session and listen to their thoughts and opinions.

Another hour passed as teachers, students, parents and tax payers voiced their support for the high school principal, and some made clear their lack of support for the superintendent.

I don’t know what effect, if any, the public’s opinions will have on the board’s final decision, but the response from the community was overwhelming. Although it often takes a polarizing event to garner this type of community attention, it always makes me happy to know that the community is paying attention, and when it matters to them, there are many who will speak their minds.