Sheriff, passing of the guard?

Tyler Murphy

With the decision of Steven Dutcher not to run for Chenango County Sheriff there are few others on the “short list” and of those few I’ve spoken with in private corners, none seem very enthusiastic about the prospect of running.

Require by the federal Hatch Act, all candidates would have to abandoned their current jobs to run in an election.

Many do not enjoy the prospect of leaving their positions and currently enjoy their law enforcement roles. Although argumentative, the office of sheriff is also more of a political role as it is any other.

I hate a democracy which functions on a “lack of options” algorithm. So as it has looked for nearly a decade now the old guard is simply going to appoint its next representative.

Undersheriff Ernest Cutting is an incredible candidate for the office, with the backing of the republican party, his administrative experience and family roots in the local community, it is difficult to imagine a more intimidating opponent.

Dutcher is adored by his local constituents and seen as a popular, personal public figure by those who know him. His apprehension over leaving the Greene Police Chief’s post, which he has helped to define, is a serious political sacrifice for just for an opportunity to run. His decision not too is an understandable to say the least.

After the last round of local elections, two years ago, both the Sheriff, DA and a number of other incumbents ran totally unopposed.

I’d just like to see more political options for the voters in the area, not because I ‘d like to replace our current leaders, but I like the idea of keeping those in power on their toes.