Healthy living

Jessica Lewis

In the last few months, I’ve attended several health related events. The most recent were the Celebration of Women, Chenango Health Network’s Tobacco Free open house and the Go Red Chenango, healthy heart event this week.

A lot of the same organizations and businesses have been represented repeatedly at these events, and after seeing all of them, time and time again, I think it’s easier to make healthy choices than people really think.

Ok, I’m the first to admit that every now and then I like to indulge in an ice cream cone or sit around with my sisters watching marathons of House and eating junk food, but I think choosing a healthy lifestyle is more about the everyday choices than the occasional slip ups, and guess what, sometimes, it can even be fun.

I know after hearing an explanation about what a Zumba class at Aim Fitness entails, (a mix of Latin dance, cardio and some other fun sounding stuff) I was excited about the idea of trying it out. I’ve also gotten excited about some of the offerings at the Y, like the possibility of trying a spinning class or even the simplicity of spending an hour in the pool swimming laps.

A lot of people hear the word healthy and automatically think it can’t be fun, but it’s what you make it. I left Wednesday’s Heart Health event with a card for one free Latin Dance lesson, some delicious and healthy recipes provided by Sue Carson of the Canasawacta Country Club and some renewed excitement for trying to make some healthy choices.

I also stopped at Ives Cream for a cone before I left, because if you’re going to make those healthy decisions, you can afford to slip up every once in a while.