And it isn’t even my birthday…yet.

Melissa Stagnaro

Sometimes when you do something great, like buy the perfect gift, it’s hard to keep it under wraps. I always want to give it to the intended recipient right away even if their birthday, anniversary or major holiday is weeks away. Or at least tell them about it, so they too will know just how amazingly perceptive I am when it comes to gift giving.

Apparently I’m not the only one in my family who struggles to keep these gifting secrets. A case in point is the birthday present I received from my mother last night.

My birthday, mind you, is still more than 6 weeks away.

I love surprises. And I definitely wasn’t expecting to come home to find a brand new set of golf clubs waiting for me. Unfortunately, my mother, who had purchased them for my birthday (which is in July), wasn’t expecting them either. Not yet anyway. But trust me, I wasn’t complaining.

I was fully prepared to wait the requisite time and open them on my birthday, but my father couldn’t stand the anticipation. (As usual, he was blissfully unaware of the gift he was co-sponsoring.)

We were equally surprised when I pulled out my gorgeous new set of clubs. I love them – they’re pink! He and my mom loved them, too. I had to wrestled the putter away from her and caught him eyeing my new driver. I tried telling him that magenta wasn’t really his color, but I’m not sure if he bought it.

I’m going to go try out my gorgeous fabulous clubs this very afternoon at the driving range and I plan on christening them during my golf league.

Hey, Jeff – I’m taking my lunch!