Who’s afraid of the newest pandemic

Jessica Lewis

Sure the name swine flu sounds pretty disturbing, but other than the disturbing mental images conjured up when you think about that one for a while, I have to admit, I’m not all that panicked by the newest illness to be making its way around the world.

The reasons why I’m not running for cover and shouting that the sky is falling seem pretty evident to me. Compared to many other diseases and illnesses out there, including say the regular flu, swine flu has killed a relatively small number of people and while the idea of an illness that strikes healthy, young adults is scary, I don’t really think it’s going to bring about the destruction of our entire way of life.

There are many people however, who disagree with my lack of utter panic. People who think that this newest illness could be some kind of bio-terror weapon or who are convinced that the problem is much more serious than anyone is letting on. Frankly, I’m fairly concerned that those people are much more likely to suffer health effects from stress then from swine flu, but I guess only time will tell. Let’s all calm down, wait a few weeks and then determine whether this is the next black plaque or just another needless cause for panic.