Getting your picture in the paper

Tyler Murphy

This morning I stepped into the office and one of the first things I found was a fax with a note scribbled on it.

It asked if someone could come to Smyrna and take a picture of its local residents participating in the Relay for Life event, Paint the Town Purple. It’s not that uncommon.

Often the Evening Sun receives requests from a variety of people seeking our photography skills. I appreciated the interest but the camera wasn’t invented yesterday. Just about everyone I know has a digital camera and an e-mail so why not take a picture and send it into the Newspaper.

We’d love to go and do it all ourselves but realistically it just isn’t possible. So grab your camera, snap a picture, paste it into an e-mail and then send it to us.

We’ll be grateful and trust me you’ll be drastically increasing your odds of getting some coverage in the local paper. It’s a good idea to include not just a picture but a brief description of what the picture is, including the people who are in it, when it was taken, and why.

Also a contact number would be great. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to get an e-mail seeking our services that’s void of a name or phone number.

Just some helpful inside Newsroom hints.