Counting down the days

Melissa Stagnaro

Next Friday, I leave on vacation. One week in Fort Myers, Florida; I can’t wait.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been counting down the days ever since I got my tickets (for an absolute steal, I might add). Now, I’m in the home stretch. Just seven more days and I’ll be boarding that flight. I plan on spending lots of quality time splashing around in the surf and soaking up the rays.

My niece Jessica has graciously provided the reason for my trip. She is graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University after spending the last four years working on her undergraduate degree in Forensics. She’ll be staying on to finish her Masters, but it still means I get to come down and see her do the whole cap and gown thing. I’m excited.

But I’ve also got some angst. Not about the trip itself, no I’m long overdue for a getaway. There is just all the stress of getting ready for the trip. It’s all work related for me. I’ve got a ton of articles to write before I go (I know, I should be working on one of those right now. Obviously I’m not.), and then events/meetings I would normally go to which I’ll miss while I’m away. Because let’s face it – I’d never be able to pay any of my coworkers enough to go to any of my school board meetings.

Once I board that plane, I’m sure I won’t give any of them a thought. (Like Jeff, I’m going to try to stay far removed while I’m out of town). But for now, I can’t help worrying. Hmmm…I bet if I did less worrying and more writing, it might just go easier on me. Nah! That would be entirely too easy.

Maybe if I try visualization.  Me on the beach, the sound of the waves crashing at the shore, umbrella-ed drink in hand… Ahhhh. I can’t wait. Just seven more days and counting…