Going green

Jessica Lewis

In the spirit of Earth Day, which was celebrated on Wednesday, I felt the need to share a recent experience.

Last weekend, I decided to take my adorable three-year-old and go shopping. Our first stop took us to a shoe store located outside Chenango County. After selecting our purchases we went to the check out counter, where the cashier asked us if we’d like to purchase a reusable bag. The girl was sweet and eagerly explained how the bags were being sold to help save trees and reduce the amount of plastic bags dumped in landfills every year.

It sounded completely reasonable to me, and since I like to take little opportunities to help the planet, I gladly agreed to fork over the extra $1.50. The reusable bag was cute and sturdy and I felt good about making the minimal effort to do something for the earth.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure the girl at the register understood exactly how the bag was supposed to help the environment. After ringing us up, she quickly shuffled my purchases into the traditional plastic bags before folding the reusable bag in half and placing it in a separate bag. I stood there for a second, waiting for understanding to dawn on her, but she just smiled and pushed our purchases across the counter. I’m not entirely positive, but I think even my three-year-old saw the irony in the situation.

Regardless, of the outcome, I enjoy seeing more and more businesses taking  steps to encourage and promote environmental awareness, even if those attempts aren’t entirely understood by all.