Out of touch

Jeff Genung


In case you haven’t run across the numerous other print and online references, I’ve been on vacation for the past two weeks.


Under normal circumstances, I generally don’t leave The Evening Sun (or Norwich, for that matter) for more than a day at a time. Once or twice a year, I’ll take off five days in a row. But it’s been over a decade since I vacated the captain’s chair for two whole weeks. Jessica Lewis, with the help of her noble comrades, manned the store in my absence — and again for the first time in decades, I did absolutely no checking in on them while I was gone.


That’s right. Even in this digital age (and my brand new iPhone), I remained completely disconnected from all things newspaper for 14 days. It was a much-needed respite, but as I sat down last night with two weeks worth of newspapers, I was amazed by just how out of touch I’d been.


My colleagues toiling at larger metropolitan dailies often wonder in jest just what we find to write about every day in sleepy Chenango County, but I can tell you for certain that if you miss an issue – or 14 – you miss a hell of a lot.


Of course, I’m a self-proclaimed news geek, entrenched in the political and social soap opera that is the Land of the Bullthistle, so I find everything that went on since April 6th fascinating. But even for those who’d prefer to live under a rock, there was still a lot to take notice of in that time frame – accidents, fires, resignations, budgets, verdicts, political maneuverings and even an apparently highly controversial Easter Egg hunt! 


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