Spring fever

Melissa Stagnaro

To say that I’m having a hard time resisting the lure of the sunlight streaming in our office windows today would be an understatement.

Oh, how I envy all our local school kids who, by luck of the draw, ended up having the nicest week we’ve seen all year off from school. A whole week of sunny, 60 degree days in upstate New York. I didn’t even realize such things were possible!

All this gorgeous weather, and what have I done with it? Not enough, and it’s a crime, an absolute crime. I assure you it’s not because of a lack of desire on my part. I’ve got spring fever, and I’ve got it bad. I am positively itching to get outside and enjoy this gloriously beautiful day.

And by “enjoy,” I mean one thing and one thing only: spending some quality time on the golf course.

All week I’ve been good. I’ve worked diligently at my desk, trying to ignore that blue sky and desperately trying to block out thoughts of playing 9 holes when all I really wanted to do was fake an illness or family emergency so I could skate out early and play nine holes. Or at the very least, hit the driving range. But no, I’ve been good.

Despite my good intentions, I have to admit that even I have my limits. Last night I broke down and put my clubs in the back of my car. Just in case, I told myself. Just in case…

I tried to tell my coworkers it was just by chance that I decided not to wear jeans today (which we typically do on Fridays). I thought the khaki capris went better with the short sleeved, collared shirt I grabbed out of my closet.

What was that, Tyler? Oh, I guess it does look a little bit like a golf shirt. Why do I have a glove on my left hand? Ummm…I always wear that. I can’t believe you’ve never noticed.

It’s too bad I’m going to miss our usual Friday lunch. I wasn’t thinking about it when I set up my tee time, I mean, ahem, that interview I was telling you about.