B-GA track off to fast start

Patrick Newell

Bainbridge-Guilford/Afton’s vaunted track and field team held out some of its most talented boys runners last week against Unadilla Valley, yet it still walked away with the team title with ease. The Bears, not as talented and deep on the girls’ side, also claimed the three-way meet on the Storm’s home track.
“Our boys’ team is really deep this year, and the guys I held out were coming off a long indoor season,” said head coach Robb Munro. “I had them do a workout instead of competing.”
Dustin Ross, a defending sectional champion, Josh Norris, Jake Taylor, Ethan Mazzarella, and Kyle Kelly all sat out the UV meet, and all are normally high scoring kids. “When you have kids like Dustin, the other kids on the team are way behind or won’t (compete in the events he is in),” Munro said. “Holding our top guys out works out great for the other kids. It gives those kids a chance to be leaders, and I was pleased with the way they performed at Unadilla Valley.”
As for the girls, Munro was more than pleasantly surprised by the victory. “I didn’t think we had the depth with the girls, and lot of performances weren’t lights out,” he said, “but I was happy with the way they got out there and competed for every team point.”