A day to do something else

Tyler Murphy

In the last three days we’ve experienced almost every possible weather pattern New York State has to offer. Yesterday’s temperature rose enough that you could bask in the sun without a jacket and feel enveloped by it’s warmth. Today we have the miserable, it’s raining- it just stooped raining- oh wait it’s raining again, kind of day. Tomorrow or later this weekend meteorologist are actually saying snowfall may be in our midst once again.

I love spring, as a matter of fact it’s my favorite season. The warming days that smell of wet earth and bright green budding life constantly beckon me to appreciate mother nature’s changing beauty. The down side are the times where mother nature has her throes of transition and regression like that past few days. Still, I appreciate the dark dreary days of sogginess because they ease my nagging conscious. It’s OK to stay inside with the girlfriend all day or waste my the hours in front of the boob tube. How can you feel guilty, I mean just look at how miserable it is outside.

So cheers to days like today which on the surface seem grim. Grab a good book, movie or whatever thing you had promised yourself you do and enjoy it because in all likelihood there isn’t anything better to do.