What’s in a name?

Jessica Lewis

Yesterday was an exciting day for me. After five months of pregnancy, it was the day I finally got to go to the doctor’s office and find out the big surprise; boy or girl.

Although I was certain I already knew the answer, I was still excited to hear the doctor confirm that this time I would be having a girl. For the last few months, I’ve been picking out girl names and my oldest sister has been explaining that I have to have a girl so that she doesn’t have to. (After having two boys, she would rather just share a girl with me than to actually try for one again on her own.)
To my utter shock and amazement, however, the first thing I saw when the baby appeared on the screen was not indicative of a baby girl. No, I was proven wrong on Wednesday. The new addition to my home will not be a little girl as I had originally thought, but a happy little baby boy.

Of course, I will be thrilled as long as he is happy and healthy, but this does pose a dilemma, and not just because my sister may have to rethink her plans about future children. Since I was convinced that I was having a girl, I haven’t really dedicated much time to picking out a name for a little boy. In fact, I have no idea where to begin. Sure, I have the next four months to think it over, but I’ve decided a little input might help. So, any suggestions?