Spring is in the air

Melissa Stagnaro

The first official day of spring may not be until Friday, but we don’t need a date marked on the calendar to tell us the change of seasons is upon us. For weeks, there have been signs that winter’s hold on upstate New York is finally starting to slip. Gaggles of geese are flying North once more, farmers have tapped their maple trees and skunks are sacrificing themselves in ever increasing numbers along our rural highways and byways.

My mother has been patiently (or perhaps not-so patiently) waiting for what she considers to be the true portent of spring: the first red-breasted robins and red wing blackbirds of the year. And this weekend we were treated to the sight of both feathered creatures along with the blackbird’s tri-colored brethren.

We took full advantage of the mild weather and cloudless sky to go flying with my dad. Yes, it comes in handy to have a pilot/flight instructor in the family. Let me tell you, it was a picture perfect day for a flight. (It’s OK to be a little jealous.)

While the hills still have the look of late winter (predominately brown accented with the white of lingering snow), you could tell from the air that it won’t be too long before everything is decked out in spring’s signature green.

I honestly can’t wait. I’m more than ready for warmer weather and a chance to spend more quality time outside. In fact, I’m counting down the days before I can pack away my winter clothes and don sandals and short sleeves once more.

And I know I’m not the only one. I think everyone is as anxious as I am for spring. In my travels this weekend, I saw so many people out biking and walking. There were motorcyclists out cruising (including the American Legion Riders from Norwich which I spotted heading south on Route 12) and even a convertible or two brave enough to put their tops down.

Winter may not have had its last say, but there is no reason not to think spring. Get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts.