Role Models

Jessica Lewis

Role models

It’s a common fact that when someone is in the spotlight, kids are going to see them as role models and look up to them as an example of what they want to become. That’s why the actions of those role models are so important and often so disappointing.

The recent headlines about the altercation between Chris Brown and Rihanna was one of those horribly tragic and disappointing events, and while many may now find fault with Chris Brown, I have to wonder what kind of example Rihanna is setting for young girls.

Today, new testimony was released, explaining in detail what occurred between the two musicians on the night of the alleged incident. To sum it up, Brown viciously beat Rihanna after she confronted him about a text message from an ex that she found on his phone.

The reasons for condemning Brown are easily apparent. His behavior showed his lack of respect for women, a cruel nature and a scary temper. But today, I also found reason to question the actions of Brown’s alleged victim. Pictures of Rihanna were leaked to the press, showing the extent of her wounds, reportedly suffered at the hands of her boyfriend, but when Brown appeared in court recently, a lawyer for Rihanna said she didn’t want the judge to keep Brown from being in contact with her.

The choice of course is hers and hers alone. It can’t be an easy one and I don’t envy the woman having to make it, but I think the example her actions sets for young women is appalling. It teaches girls to put up with the cruel treatment and physical abuse the singer suffered. No one can blame Rihanna for what her boyfriend reportedly did to her, but by staying in that situation she is not only putting herself in danger, she is also showing a generation of girls that it’s okay to allow this type of behavior.