Spirit Week

Melissa Stagnaro

It’s Spirit Week at Oxford High School, a time when each of the four current classes compete in a week long knock-down-drag-out fight to determine who’s got more school and class spirit than anyone else.

When the schedule for the week’s events crossed my desk on Tuesday, I was over run with memories from my own four years at Oxford. Spirit Week was the only time in which my year, the Class of 1993, showed any shred of spirit as a class. I believe we went down in the annals of the school as the only class to ever win all four years.

We weren’t that tight knit, but we were as competitive as hell. And in the immortal words of Mr. T, I always ‘pitied the fools’ that went up against us.

Traditionally, the senior class took top honors in the competition. But we bucked that trend from day one. When we beat the seniors our freshman year, it was considered quite the coup. We knew it was just the beginning.

We were nothing less than a powerhouse; a force to be reckoned with. We dominated in all those silly relays, like dizzy izzy. Dressing up in school colors? Please! Piece of cake. (We’d bring in extras to make sure everyone was fully resplendent in the requisite red and black.) Academic Challenge was hardly a challenge at all with brainiac Dave Micha on our team. And the banner contest? With the artistic talent of John MacRae, we were unstoppable.

Air band may have been our weakest event, but we still held our own. I vividly remember dressing up in hip waders for our lip-synched rendition of Nancy Sinatra’s classic hit, “These Boots Are Made For Walking.” (Which had required hours of rehearsal in Melissa Burrell’s family room.) Ahhh…good times.

Year after year we pulled together to decimate the opposition. But it never got old. No, each victory was savored to the fullest. In fact, I think I’m still savoring them.

You are probably thinking that I should just let it go already, I mean it’s been a long time. But think of the thousands of songs about times and days to remember. Sometimes it’s the silliest things that we look back at and appreciate. My memory box is filled with randoms, like those long ago Spirit Weeks. And every once in awhile it’s fun to pull them out, dust them off and enjoy them all over again.

Frank will be heading down to the high school tomorrow afternoon to take some photos of the festivities. I might just tag along. I hear there is a new mascot. And it would be interesting to see how these current high school kids would have stacked up against the Class of ‘93, back in the day.

Go Blackhawks!