Getting Match-ed up

Melissa Stagnaro

We’ve all seen those commercials for, eHarmony or Chemistry. They have tag lines like, “It’s OK to look,” and feature happy couples living in wedded bliss after meeting their soul mate on one of those online dating sites.

In my doubting-Thomas of a mind, these suspect examples of success have always been far outweighed by the horror stories I’ve heard from people who have tried dating someone they’ve met online.

So you can imagine how shocked I was to learn one of my own college friends had met and married the love of her life through “Match,” as she affectionately calls it. Yep, a mere “two winks,” a couple of phone calls, an 8-hour first date and in a little over a year they were headed down the aisle. It’s too cute for words. I can’t be happier for her.

I learned all this and more about their courtship and wedded bliss, including how he left her a series of “countdown to first date” messages in the days and hours leading up to their first meeting. When I told her I thought that was a little freaky, she patiently assured me this was wonderful in a Christmas Advent Calendar kind of way. (There was definitely a “poor single Melissa, some day you’ll understand” undertone, which I tried to ignore.)

I have always kind of scorned people I know who have looked online for love, because I knew that their motives were probably not as pure as the driven snow. But I have nothing but kind things to say about this one. She genuinely sounds happy and I sincerely wish her and her new husband the best as they begin their life together.

As I shared this story with my coworkers, they had some stories as well, including that of a sibling who was happily dating someone they’d also met on Match.

I shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose. I heard on the radio this morning on my way in that while many other businesses are struggling, online dating sites are booming. Match, it seems, had a record 4th quarter. Why? Apparently it’s normal in times or economic and emotional hardship for people to reach out for companionship. And with money tight, these sites are easier and cheaper ways to meet others with similar interests.

No offense, but I still don’t think it would be for me.