Sudden weight gain linked to Children’s Center fundraiser

Melissa Stagnaro

When I can’t fit into any of my clothes on Monday, I’ll know who to blame. Martha Ryan. I was one of the many who followed her pied-piper call to the Norwich Fire Station last night for the kick off of The Children’s Center’s annual fundraising campaign. (Martha is the campaign chair.)

“Cookies and Cream” was the name of the event, and it featured a silent auction of cookies baked by local celebrities as well as lots of activities for the kiddies. There were plenty of cookies of the non-celebrity-baked variety as well not to mention glasses of milk to wash it all down.

I arrived only shortly after 7 p.m., but the festivities were already well under way. Kids were dancing to the macarena, getting their picture taken with a cookie monster look alike and loading up on milk and cookies.

It didn’t take me long to find my way to the silent auction tables, where the baking efforts of all those local celebs were on display. Nearly 50 had stepped up to their cookie sheets for the occasion, and they did not disappoint. Chocolate, oatmeal, peanut butter, almond, meringue – you name it and somebody had baked it.

Now, there are two things I’m a sucker for: baked goods and a good cause. So with my checkbook tucked into my camera case, I made my rounds of the silent auction bid sheets.

In hindsight, I’d say I added my John Hancock to more than was probably prudent. Not because of the cumulative dollar amount attached to these bids, but rather the sheer volume of home baked goodness I have been forced to consume.

When the dust had settled after the auction, I was the proud owner of no less than four batches of celebrated baked goods: Peanut butter cups, almond crescents and chocolate truffle (which were all delectable), and one batch of oatmeal raisin gone horribly wrong (no offense).

I have, of course, been sharing my bounty with my coworkers. And my family. But I haven’t been able to stop myself from sampling a few. OK. Maybe more than a few.
I’m going to strap myself into my snowshoes when I get home and trudge through the snow for awhile to burn off some of these calories. And a weekend trip to the gym will probably be in order as well.

But I’m worried I’m fighting a losing battle. There are still more than two dozen of the peanut butter cup cookies left, and they are just so darn good.