In reruns

Melissa Stagnaro

I’m not much of a television watcher. For the most part, I’d rather spend my rather limited down-time doing something more productive, like reading or writing. And when I do watch TV, I’m usually looking for a movie.

But occasionally, I get sucked into some series. Not when it’s on its original network though, but when its heavy into reruns. Preferably when the show reaches the stage where it’s picked up by one of those cable channels which run multiple episodes back to back several times a day. They can condense a whole season into a little over a week, and then start all over again.

The first such show I got sucked into like that was Charmed. I got hooked when a particularly bad case of bronchitis laid me up for a week. The bewitching series provided a much needed distraction from all the phlegm. After watching at least 20 episodes in a 5 day period, I was hooked.

Over time, my interest in the show waned. (They lost me when Leo became a bad guy.) Since then I’ve found myself equally absorbed in CSI, Monk, an obscure BBC series called Father Ted and a few others.

And while I’ve never been a reality show fan, I have made one foray into that genre: Project Runway. The drama, the fashion, the emotional breakdowns…what’s not to love!

There was an unfortunate period when I was strangely addicted to Walker, Texas Ranger, but I don’t like to talk about that time of my life. I save it for support group meetings.

Recently I’ve become hooked on NCIS. It’s all my father’s fault. Thanks to the USA network, I can now get a triple dose each time I need a fix. That’s right: three episodes a night!

I’ve noticed I’ve started drawing parallels between my own life and the show. Jeff is definitely a dead ringer for Gibbs. Jessica, a close approximation of the lovably ditzy yet brilliant Abby. Less the bad dye job, of course. MdC? Definitely a blond version of the Israeli Mossad agent Ziva David. Tyler would like to be DiNozzo, but he’d have to be a little smoother with the ladies.

As for myself, I’m not really sure. We can eliminate Ducky and McGee right off the bat. (I’m too squeemish for the former, and not good enough with computers for the later.)

I guess I see myself as kind of a Kate Todd when she was still a rookie. But considering the fact that she got killed off in season 2, I’m not sure that bodes well.