One thing my job is

Tyler Murphy

There are many things my job is not but one of the things I find most appealing is that it’s interesting. Very interesting. Example?

6:30 to 9:30 – Write, write, write.
9:30-Chenango County Court to cover sentencing in sex crime case.
9:45 – Argue in lobby with father of said sex criminal over publishing it in the paper
11:00 Meet with CEO of a 300 million dollar company at 11:30
Noon – Heading to lunch until a concerned relative of a murder victim came in for an unscheduled heart to heart
1:00 – Chow.
2:00 – Head to SPCA to take pictures of a puppy and kitten
3:00 – Write, research, read
4:00 – Home?

Not that all this happened exactly this way but often enough a day can be filled with the strangest recipe of events. You never know when you might have to head out to a crime scene or a car accident or what might be on your desk in the morning. It can be stressful but it’s also a lot of fun too. A day could take you to any place found in Chenango County.

Most of the time you can plan out your next day’s events but at least twice a week an X factor occurs that lays all your best plans to waste. Adapt quick, get used to a looming deadline and prioritize.

I appreciate an interesting job because I feel a great sense of personal growth on a day to day basis. So many interactions with so many different people from the professional to the criminal, I think it’s what I love most about my job.