Anticipated snow days

Tyler Murphy

The faith in weather reporting must have improved in the past decade because several area school have announced closures and early dismissals without the actual fall of a single snow flake.

I don’t remember that ever happening to us in school and to be honest I’m a little jealous that students today get anticipated snow days, all of ours were defiantly reactive snow days.

Not to put the school administrations down, I could certainly see the better side of this coin. For one you won’t have an afternoon evacuation (early dismissal) while in the middle of a snow storm. Although I recall the entertaining and frantic distribution of elementary students as Middle and High School students piled onto snow covered buses.

Often you’d just go hang out a a friend’s house who lived in town for the second half of the day or if you were lucky enough, a girlfriend’s house because odds are the working parents wouldn’t be home on an early dismissal.

Maybe this is sign of my time. I can hear myself in the not to distant future; “back in my day kids didn’t get any snow days unless there was actually snow outside.”

Just thought it was a little strange.