The joys of winter driving

Jessica Lewis

I know I’ve complained about bad driving before, but during last week’s snow storm, I think I encountered a few of the worst drivers on the face of the earth. I admit, I’m no master driver myself, but the drivers I saw on my way home last Thursday made me look like Mario Andretti.

It was after dark by the time I started heading home and the snow was falling fast. The roads were covered and everyone was driving slowly to avoid an accident. When I turned onto 16 and started heading toward my house, I noticed an immediate slow down in traffic. The reason was two cars in front of me.

A younger person was driving so slow that a line of five cars quickly formed behind them. The kid was driving a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. That fact in itself would not be enough to annoy me. Driving in nasty conditions can be nerve wracking, especially if you don’t have much experience.

No, the annoying part was that the car driving so slowly was doing so while traveling in the wrong lane. Saying the car was in the middle of the road would be an understatement of massive proportions. The car was in the wrong lane for the majority of the trip. What made matters worse was the fact that whenever another car came from the opposite direction, the driver of the first car would be forced to slam the breaks and swerve back into the correct lane. (Not a smart move on slippery roads.)

What makes the situation even better was the impatient driver several cars behind me. After following the young driver for several miles, one of the cars at the end of our little caravan decided he’d had enough and tried to pass. Ignoring the other eight cars he would have to drive by to reach the front of the line, the guy flew by everyone, obviously in a hurry to reach his final destination. Unfortunately, when he reached the front of the line, he had to wait for the driver of the first car to hit the brakes and try to swerve back into the correct lane before he could pass.

Watching the way some people drive in winter in makes me want to pull them over and start taking licenses away.