The Readers Have Spoken

Melissa Stagnaro

I have officially been triple dog dared. But don’t worry, I won’t shoot my eye out.
When I blogged last week about not having seen the movie A Christmas Story, I never dreamed I would elicit such a response from our online readers. It all goes to prove that I really am the only one on the planet who hasn’t seen the classic holiday film.

In addition to quite a few posted comments, I’ve gotten emails, phone calls and even a couple of people stopping me in the halls. All incredulous that I haven’t seen it.

The response of two readers in particular, a husband and wife from Oxford, has topped it all off. And thanks to their efforts, I will definitely watch the movie this holiday season.

I first met Hank Burnor while covering an American Legion event earlier this year. “Col. Hank,” as he is known, is the Chenango County Commander of the veteran’s organization. I met his wife, Chris, at a Chenango County Farm Bureau event a couple of weeks later.

It was because of Col. Hank, that I ended up volunteering at the New York State Veteran’s Home in Oxford this past weekend. (You’ll get to read about that as part of our Delivering Christmas series.)

When I arrived at the Vets Home, Hank told me he had something for me. He departed momentarily and when he returned he presented me with my very own copy of A Christmas Story. He and Chris had gotten a good laugh out of my blog, he said, but they were stunned that I had never seen the movie.

Now I have no excuse. And I don’t have to wait for the 24-hour marathon.

The readers have spoken. I will resist no more. I’ll have family in town this weekend. I will encourage them to following the advice of our readers as well. We’ll put on our pajamas, pop some popcorn and curl up to watch the movie.

I’ll let you know how it goes.