Official letters to Santa depository

Jessica Lewis

For several years, The Evening Sun has been helping to make sure that letters sent by local children to Santa Claus reach the big man himself, but after receiving this year’s batch of letters to take to Mr. Claus, I realized this phenomenon may have reached an entirely new level.

On Tuesday, as I was looking over the newest batch of letters to send on to SC, I noticed the postmark on one of them. It wasn’t the general Binghamton postmark that I’ve seen on letters from our local children. It was postmarked Los Angeles, California. The address didn’t indicate that it should be sent to Santa Claus via The Evening Sun. It was simply addressed Santa Claus, North Pole.

I’m sure there are other agencies, closer to California, that also help children get their letters to Santa, but the fact that the letter made its way across the country and into my hands before it was safely delivered to Santa gave me a new sense of Christmas spirit. I can’t wait to see where else those special letters might come from.