Drunk and Disorderly

Melissa Stagnaro

I’ve heard of making a drunken fool of oneself at a bar or party, at a sporting event or even in the middle of the street. But at a town board meeting?

That seems like a sure fire way to ruin a good buzz. Or get arrested. Which is what almost happened to one Guilford resident last night when she made a scene at the monthly meeting of the town board.

As soon as she walked in I’d recognized the woman, who had made personal attacks against board members at the town’s public hearing in October. It made me really wish I’d chosen to go to the Coventry meeting instead. Or Oxford. Or Greene. But no, the die was already cast.

Once again, nothing was sacred when she got started. Including a board member who recently lost his mother. She stood during public comment and tried to hijack the meeting. More than once.

When asked if she had been drinking, she said it was none of anyone’s business and that she was in “a program.” After her forced exit (a fellow resident escorted her out when the board announced they would call the sheriff’s department to have her removed), those seated around her said they could smell the alcohol on her.

Apparently, the program isn’t working.

And I’m not sure what is worse. The thought that someone would behave like that drunk or sober.

The Town Supervisor commented that he had never seen anything like it in his 16 years on the board. When he struggled to find the right word to describe her attitude and actions, a high school student who attended the meeting for his government class filled in the blank.

“Disrespect,” he said. Boy, did he have some story to take back to class!

I’ve got a few words to add. How about disgraceful, rude and uncouth. And totally uncalled for.