Winter wonderland

Jessica Lewis

Last Sunday, while a mixture of icy sleet and freezing rain poured down over much of Chenango County, my family and I were in our vehicle, cautiously maneuvering over the slippery roads on a 40 mile trip.

No, it was no emergency. There were no injuries or sick relatives to see to. We hadn’t forgotten anyone at a far off location or ran out of some crucial household item. We were on our way to find the perfect Christmas tree.

Looking for a Christmas tree on a day when the weather is horrible has been a long standing family tradition for me. It’s not that we wait for the weather man to tell us a huge storm is coming to the area or hold out for a date when the wind chill is negative 30, it just always seems to work out that way.

This year was mild compared to many. For as long as I can remember, my family would trek out in search of our tree on a day when storms were raging and snow was flying. Several years we actually slid past the driveway of the Christmas tree farm where we were trying to go.

Despite the weather, we would take our time picking out a tree that was just right. We would travel up and down the hill searching out the perfect tree until our toes were frozen, and when we finally found it we would throw it on the roof of our car, pile back in and hurry back to our warm house.

The tradition has remained much the same today. The location has changed and the participants aren’t all the same, but the fun of the family outing will never change.