People’s Sexiest Man Alive (2008)

Melissa Stagnaro

When a link to get a sneak peek at People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive line up appeared on my web browser yesterday, I couldn’t resist. I’m not normally a big follower of the entertainment industry or a self-proclaimed “media whore” like some of my colleagues. But once I saw this year’s top pick, Hugh Jackman, I had to delve deeper. I am definitely a fan.

I could also support their second choice, Daniel Craig. Although he is certainly not attractive in a traditional sense, there is something raw and appealing about him. The photo they chose, however, didn’t do him justice.

Nor did I object to the additions of David Beckham and Jon Hamm (don’t know who the heck he is, but he’s cute!) on the list.

But a few of the others kind of lost me. Some of them were just babies and others were too much of a stretch. Some piano player? Penelope Cruz’s boyfriend? Ick. I closed out of the page and didn’t give it another thought.

Until today. When another link appeared. This time it was a review of those who had formerly topped the list, but weren’t quite as dreamy any more.

I was more than a little offended to see Val Kilmer high (or low as it may be) on their bottom 10 list. He’s one of my favorite actors of all time. Everyone always thinks of Top Gun, but I much preferred Real Genius, The Saint and Tombstone (where, as Doc Holliday, he proved that he could actually act as well as look good).

Mickey Rourke, Nick Nolte. They weren’t so much of a surprise. I’m just not sure how fair it is to use their mug shots as the “after” shot.

And really, there is no need to pick on Jude Law.

I did find it rather funny that Tom Cruise is on the “sunken dreamboat list” despite the fact that he looks almost identical in both pictures displayed. He’s just a little paler (and crazier) now.

The whole experience made me laugh. It’s all so subjective. We’ve all got our own taste and who cares, really?

I know who I would cast my vote for, and it is none of the above. Sweet, funny and good-looking. And he’s already mine.