On vacation

Jessica Lewis

Coming back to work after being on vacation is like jumping into a pool of icy cold water. Once you’re in the water for a while, you get used to it. You might even enjoy it, but when you first jump in, it’s a shock to the system.

I took a mini-vacation last week, and it was awesome. I didn’t go anywhere. I used the time to finish a million projects that I had left half done. I had a lot of projects started, but with the craziness of life, work, parenting and running a million errands a day, few of the projects I begin are ever completed. I spent the week trying to finish the dozens of things I had started. It was a nice, relaxing week, and it went by quickly.

The shock to the system came first thing Monday morning with the vast number of unread e-mails, unheard phone messages and my mental list of events I had missed. After a week of doing nothing, the stress of catching up with everything you missed while on vacation is almost enough to require another vacation.