Don’t rush me!

Melissa Stagnaro

As I drove through Norwich yesterday, I saw men hanging holiday wreaths on the quaint wrought iron lamp posts that line the city’s main thoroughfare. There is no denying the warm, cozy holiday glow inspired by these evergreen boughs and the decorative banners interspersed among them.

Those feelings seemed warmer than usual yesterday. Probably because it was nearly 70 degrees. The unseasonable warmth snapped me out of my hot-cocoa and peppermint striped reverie, and reminded me that it’s only the first week in November.

Every year it seems that we start gearing up for Christmas a little bit earlier than we did before. I remember when stores and the radio started playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. This year it started the day after Halloween.

I’ve seen shop owners re-doing their window displays this week, but Walmart got a head start. When I went to grab a few last minute Halloween items on Oct. 30th, there were already Christmas items on the seasonal shelves.

Seeing all the Christmas decor this early stresses me out. I start to feel the panic rising when I think about the fact that I haven’t started my holiday shopping yet. What? Only 46 more shopping days ‘til Christmas. (Dramatic sigh) Whatever will I do!

And aren’t we forgetting something here? Like Thanksgiving? Now, I realize that this is a less commercially lucrative holiday for retailers, but it’s still important to me. And I don’t like feeling rushed. It’s detrimental to proper digestion.

Let me eat my turkey in peace and then I’ll start pulling out my Christmas decorations and make up a shopping list.