Election night excitement

Tyler Murphy

I love election night.

I like having the network news running in the background as I debate politics and turning points with friends or family. It’s similar to watching a football game, you usually only care to watch it until you know who is going to win.

The last two presidential elections have been close games, historically and controversial contentions of political fury and fallout.

We don’t listen to the media personalities rant on all night of course and I’ll fill the lulls in developments with the temporary amusements of cooking frozen pizza, playing a session of video or board games and internet surfing.

If you’re looking for the action tune in at around 9 p.m. and watch until you have to go to bed because that’s when the polls across the united states begin to close an hour at a time, east to west, with their cascading calculations trailing behind.

I’m certain that regardless of today’s outcome it’s going to letter head the beginning chapter of a future American History book. So make sure you get out there and become a part of it. This is your history.

Click or cut and paste the link below into your browser to look at recent polling info that’s easy enough to understand. It shows a number of reputable polls taken in the weeks and months before today, marking notable events and changes in voter attitudes.


Up to date recent info can be found on just about any national new site throughout the day.