Election day excitement

Jessica Lewis

After nearly two years of preparation, debate and controversy, the day of decision is finally here, and I am thrilled. After one of the longest campaigns in history, I honestly wasn’t sure how much more I could take.

At last, we can stop talking about the elections and just make a decision. I’m excited about the historic nature of this election, and it looks like I’m not the only one. Right now in downtown Norwich, supporters of each party are out on the streets holding up signs for their candidates. Actually they are almost directly across the street from one another, and each has a sign that asks drivers to honk in support of their party’s candidate.

Even though there is no obvious way to determine which candidate the cars are honking for, seeing this level of enthusiasm and involvement from voters of all ages in refreshing.

While my big hope this election is for the candidates I favor to win, I’m also holding out a lot of hope that we see record voter turnout and involvement this year. Because more important that the causes I believe in or those that you believe in, is that we all have a voice in our government, and that’s what these elections are really about.