Arrested Elderly victim

Tyler Murphy

So after three weeks of head banging the county has finally found an appropriate place to house an 85-year-old man suffering from dementia.

Kudos to Sheriff Thomas J. Loughren who took a personal role in the case in the wake of public outrage. Credit to the Department of Social Services for finding a home to temporarily accept the victim of this incident. And I believe him to be a victim.

I say shame on Chase Nursing Home for placing their responsibilities on the system but even more offending is that their tactics required them to have a mentally ill resident, under their care, arrested and tossed into jail. I normally wouldn’t be so hasty to lay this kind of blame but ever since the case was brought to public attention I’ve received constant criticisms directed toward the home from a number of mental and elderly care representatives I’ve spoken with in the case.

I doubt there will be any similar incidents in the future after all the negative attention and criticism brought to the county and the home. I also think the public deserves a portion of the credit in making this a concern that undoubtedly touches many local families in area.