A Tribute to Martial Arts Morality

Tyler Murphy

For my punching the clock this week I contacted my high school martial arts teacher Ron Lewis and spent the day attending classes at his new facility, Tribute Martial Arts on Hale Street in Norwich.

I’m standing in the adult class room at around 7 p.m. Thursday night doing exercises with about 10 local teenagers after spending the day reporting on youths tipping headstones and breaking into homes. I would think that their parents must sleep much more soundly having their kids involved in such a program.

There are few things in my experience that have so overtly taught a person discipline, honor, patients and perseverance. To truly pursue Tae Kwon Do or any Martial Art they are demanded and essential to success.

The five tenets of Tae Kwon Do are as follows and must be memorized by an advancing student who may find themselves pop quizzed on the material anytime during class often while in the throes of physical exertion. In light of the recent teen debauchery I thought it meant be nice to post them.

An act of behavioral attitude in which politeness and consideration are primary factors. It is being thoughtful of the rights and feelings of others with words of approval and encouragement.


Being sound or unified with one’s self and others. A firm adherence to a code of moral or artistic value. Responsibility, sincerity and honor are hallmarks to a person with strong integrity. An attitude of unselfishness towards others and being conscientious of ones choices and deeds.


Ability to continue an undertaking in spite of difficulty, opposition or discouragement. The patience and stamina to secure an aim or purpose through persistence and firmness.

Master one’s emotions, impulses and desires. Dominating your own temper to remain in control of your actions to ensure a clear line of thought and objectivity.

Indomitable Spirit
An incapability of being subdued physically or mentally. It is the unconquerable vivacity, courage and enthusiasm of one’s self.