Kids will be kids

Jessica Lewis

What is it about youth that makes some children behave with absolutely no regard for others? We’ve seen a lot of this recently; the three youths who vandalized the Jewish center, the kids who broke into several area businesses and now kids pushing over gravestones and breaking into a public library to steal a few bucks.

Those things are actual crimes and will probably warrant actual punishments, but what about the things that kids are allowed to get away with every day? I’m talking about the bullying and hurtful behavior that goes on in schools everywhere.

Every time I start talking about this subject, I get comments or e-mails from people telling me their experiences with bullying. There are so many children and teens who seem to get their thrills by terrorizing and tormenting their  classmates.

It’s not a new issue. Bullying has always been a part of growing up, and it probably always will be, but if we continue to show kids that this type of behavior is tolerated, it’s never going to get any better.  Schools, administrators, coaches and parents need to be stricter about bullying. Instead of just shrugging and saying that’s how kids are, more efforts need to be made to get these behaviors under control.

Tolerating this type of behavior allows it to grow and spread, and no child should have to feel like they don’t belong.